• I have found Angela Princewell to be a warm professional who takes the time to give quality information about questions asked. Her answers were concise and precise as she gave her professional opinions. Based on my first impression, I am recommending her and her team to persons seeking legal advice on immigration matters.
    Effy Nembhard (Sep 10, 2014)
  • I am one who is not easily impressed, but Angela crossed that hard line. Working with Angela & her team was very rewarding. Guiding me through the process and taking time out to provide advice was a plus. Professional & well versed, she is the "man" for the job. Funny how good work sells itself...just recommended her to a friend who has just about put in an application through the firm.
    Handcuffs Entertainment (Aug 8, 2014)
  • My interaction with Angela Princewill was really a welcoming one and l feel so confident in her services as they say first impression matters. So,l would recommend her service to anyone. Try it!
    bhahe Smart (Jul 26, 2014)
  • The best trait I found with Angela Princewell was that she actually cares.she took the time oout to really understand why we needed her services and delievered on her promises. She workeed diligently to help us get a positve solution. Because of her me and my family can now focus on "us" Thank you Angela!
  • Angela did a wonderful job on my husband's application. The job was thorough and our application was approved within a very short time. I recommend this firm as they are professional and dedicated to their clients. Communication was great and it was nice to be working directly with a lawyer.
    Agatha Okafor
  • Angela Princewill was great in handling my sister's refugee protection claim.Please,be informed that my sister's refugee claim was opposed and protested by the Ministerial Review Office of CIC listing all the reasons why she should be refused refugee protection.At that point it became a matter of legal prowess and versatility, and true to our confidence in Angela, she was able to provide all the legal standpoints,arguments,opinions, laws,articles,reviews,as well as guide my sister in her proper narrative all of which combined to effectively counter all the arguments of the Ministerial Review office of the CIC, and in its decision, the Refugee Protection Division upheld that my sister was indeed in need of protection and was granted the status of ''Protected Person'' along with her children.So,as far as a complex refugee claim like my sister's goes,I can attest to Angel's proven ability to deliver.She knows her job,she has the knowledge and experience.
    Eric (Montreal,QC)
  • We recently had the pleasure of working with Angela Princewell for the application for a permanent resident visa for my Brazilian husband. Since my husband does not live in Canada and speaks little English, I was nervous to handle the application myself. Luckily, Angela took on our case and really put my mind at ease. She did an excellent job at answering all of my questions promptly and made the entire process quick and painless. I heard after just one month of applying that I was approved as a sponsor and now we just have to wait on his country's office. I highly recommend Angela as she is very knowledgable, professional and shows genuine care and concern for her clients. She understands just how important and stressful this process can be for newlyweds! If we require anymore visa services I will definitely be contacting her again. Thanks Angela!!
    Kim Bilmer (Quality Excellent)
  • Angela Princewill is courteous, pleasant, knowledgable, polite and professional. I would recommend her anytime. Thank-you for answering all our questions. You made our telephone consultation today a smooth and happy one. Thank-you so much.
    S.O.A – Orangeville ON
  • I personally recommend this firm for any kind of Immigration issue.We have very good experiences with this firm and they have very knowledgeable lawyers team, especially Angela Princewill, Immigration Lawyer She did a very very good job to get my mother's Permanent status back in Canada. Angela Princewill, Immigration Lawyer is an extra ordinary person and a very sharp during her session in her court Angela's submission was fantastic and her counter action was superb She knows all the laws by heart I guess so she win any immigration case easily what we believe.Her dedication to the work and sincerity with her work is awesome,We Vashi family can't describe.If any one has an issue with immigration without hesitation contact dedicated lawyer like Angela Princewill, Immigration Lawyer and her firm.
    Jagadish Vashi
  • ANGELA PRINCEWILL is the best lawyer i have had the pleasure of meeting.She is very knowledgeable in her profession.The quality of workmanship and her communication skills are excellent!I would highly recommend Angela to my family/friends for any immigration matter.I am very much thankful to her for the positive work she has done for me.
  • Hello Angela Thanks for being so responsive and kind. This is really a breath of fresh air for me, just in time before I gave up completely. Thanks a million! -- Best,
  • Off to a great start! I was apprehensive about the process for obtaining a return to Canada visa. In my initial consultation with Lawyer Angela Prince well, I was quickly put at ease with her knowledge and approach and then armed with a comprehensive list of requirements to make my application go smoothly. From there working Angela & her associate Candice Leung, they helped me every step of the way with frequent contact to get the application initiated. So far, so good! Hoping to update this posting with a positive outcome, in the next 90 days or so we expect to hear back from Canada Immigration.
    Reuben Lynch (Quality Excellent)
  • Angela princewill very good experience over phone. answer all my questions very nicely
    Raman Berkalan (Quality Excellent)
  • I am a Torontonian based house-wife, who hired Candice and Angela and their team of Attorneys to help me acquire permanent residency in Canada. I was dreading the arduous and bureaucratic process, but both Candice and Angela and their staff were very professional and efficient as they helped the procedure go smoothly. Both have an extensive experience which gives them a thorough understanding of the entire immigration process. They are also well-versed in U.S. immigration policy. From your first conversation with them, you immediately become aware of their integrity and commitment, and moreover, the passion they exude for their work. Any concern I raised was immediately addressed. Phone calls were answered in a timely manner. Information I requested about the process was promptly forwarded. They were always courteous and attentive, making me feel that my case was the only one being handled by their firm, when in reality I was likely one of hundreds of clients.
    Madhura Dabke
  • in the last week- I would like to thank for their help and support in my Immigration case, and special thanks to Lawyer Angela Prince. After we got a refusal for our Permanent Resident case, it was an overseas case, she was very supportive, Commitment and efficiently handled our case overseas. Lawyer Angela every time I communicate with her by email or by phone she was there replying to me always. Now after getting help from Angela Prince she applied an appeal for our case and the appeal was accepted and now we got our PR in Canada. Definitely I will recommend to all my friends that are applying for PR or even have any problem in there cases they will help them to get all things to go to the right direction.
    shaimaa saeed
  • Angela was great in helping us and meet our short timeline to submit the documents to CIC. We had a medical issue on our parent's immigration aplication and she put together a very good package with nicely written cover letter and immigration finally accepted our argument and passed the medical. Very professional.
  • I would like to thank both lawyer Angela and her associate Candice for all their effort in filing my application for permanent residency.They were very professional and answered all my questions and took the time to explain the whole process. So far i have experienced very good service and hope to have more of the same in coming months.
    Prateek Sharma
  • Hi, My name is Chuks from Winnipeg MB, I want to use this medium to appreciate Angela Princewill and Candics for their great help towards my spouse application. Angela you are a great woman, you are so bless for making me and my spouse to reunite. I almost lost hope in the application process with tears and God use Angela to restore my application. Thank you so much we made it my spouse interview was so easy and successful with the help of God and Angela who understood my culture. God bless Angela
    chuks osiegbu